Bravin, metal cleaning since 1977.

We make grinding, taping and Scotch Brite® brushed finishing (linear, radial and crossed). We perform polishing on the most common metals such as aluminum, iron, stainless steel, brass and copper. We prepare metals for anodic oxidation, for electroplating (chrome plating, brass plating, gilding), for PVD and for painting.

We deal with large and small items, with linear or complex shapes, machined mechanical parts, bars up to 7 meters, polyhedral profiles, round pieces and various types of articles, even for special uses. Our reference sectors are furniture, bathroom furniture, technical sectors (including household appliances), lighting, naval and automotive.

We have large departments equipped with automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines.

Our strengths are the quality, the flexibility of production, the workability of a wide range of items and always short delivery times.

The optimal level of the results is guaranteed by a computerized control system of the production cycles and by the ISO9001 quality certification.

The high dynamism of the company and the continuous improvement of the production processes allow us to meet always the customer needs.

Our know-how allows us to process items even with complex shapes.

We are able to deal with lots of large numbers but also to meet the needs of limited or special productions.